Trip to France – Final Chapter


Luckily for us, we got to go to the Aix en Provence Carnaval. It was spectacular, and very hard to describe. Basically it was a parade where participants were in a big confetti and silly string fight with the audience. Was the best parade I have ever been to.

Here is what the street looked . . . → Read More: Trip to France – Final Chapter

Trip to France – Part Two


Living in Aix

Denise let me know I need to correct my last post. The Heuver’s were not waiting at the bus with baguette’s, they were there with Pain Au Chocolat! Why this is important is that on that first day, our girls refused to eat it. Very weird, what child refuses to each chocolat?!?! . . . → Read More: Trip to France – Part Two

Trip to France – Part One

2012-04-07 11.39.22

The one thing about the trip to France that I had the biggest concerns was how the girls would do on a 9 hour flight, as well as how they would be able to deal with the 8 hour time change. We left Calgary around 3:30 pm and arrived 9 hours later in Amsterdam, had . . . → Read More: Trip to France – Part One


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