Hawaii 2013

In early January, the family took a trip out to Maui and Kauai with Oma and Opa. The trip was absolutely amazing and the girls had so much fun. Not only was there beaches, pools, really fantastic weather, there was Oma and Opa there to play with every single day. Doesn’t get better than that!!!

Our flight to Hawaii was very long and we didn’t get there until well after bedtime. Alyssa is a night hawk and had no issues, but Kyla definately was tired when we arrived. Here are the girls waiting while I gathered up the luggage.



When the girls got up, they were greeted with tropical weather which was something to be very happy about. This was taken as we were coating the girls in sunscreen just about to head down to the beach. Think they were enjoying themselves?






Off to the beach, and more beaches, and more beaches.

During this time, we rented some snorkels and both girls attempted to snorkel in the ocean. This is a big step for both girls as neither girl likes to put their face in any type of water, and neither girl likes salt water.

Kyla actually did very well early on, but after a short while she decided she didn’t like to snorkel. Alyssa on the other hand had a harder time getting her face in the water but when she did…there was no stopping her. By the end of the week she wouldn’t even let me hang on to her as we were out in the middle of the ocean. She loved it.

A few days into the trip we decided to do a little hike and geocache. Here we are in Ioa Valley walking around…looking for the cache!



We only ended up finding 1 of the 2 cache’s we set out to find but how can you be too upset when you are hiking in Hawaii.

Off to the whale watch. Didn’t know how the girls would do on the whale watch and it was pretty good for the first 30 minutes or so. Saw lots of whales, really close up, but not enough to really recognize they were whales (from a 4 and 6 year old point of view). Soon the girls got pretty bored but we were so close to a momma and baby whale, the captain couldn’t start up the engine. So we sat there for probably 45 minutes…much to the chagrin of the girls. Here are the girls at the beginning of the trip…


And here is what the mom and baby whales looked like…they never really came more than this out of the water. You can see why the girls got bored of seeing this for 45 minutes…

After whale watching…you think Kyla was happy to be back on land?!?!?!?!


I guess everyone was…


Off to Kauai…

Our first day we drove out to Hanalei with a stop at a lighthouse. The girls best part was they got to use the binocular’s, although I think they were meant to look out away from the lighthouse…but….it kept them pre-occupied.

At least for a little while. It was pretty hot with no escape, and Kyla was melting (she is not good with heat). On the way back to the car, Kyla complained of being so tired and she couldn’t walk. So she asked to be carried….so mommy carried her for awhile. I think Kyla even knew she got away it!!!


We then got to visit the caves just past Hanalei. The girls really enjoyed it, and even though it was really dark at the back (it was pretty much pitch black), they loved adventuring around the cave.


Next, we got to see what we went for…some pretty big waves.

_DSC7069 _DSC7071

Next day we did another geocache…which luckily was near a swinging bridge as we didn’t quite know where to go for the geocache. Geocaching is really hard when you don’t have a GPS. But the swinging bridge provided a lot of fun!

_DSC7079 _DSC7087


Off to Waimea Canyon. A quick little hike which didn’t actually go anywhere which was too bad, but at least Opa, or should I say He-man, kept us all entertained.


After the hike we stopped at a rest stop and Kyla must found a “soup pot”. She must have pretended to make soup at this tree for 20 minutes! Would have continued if we didn’t pretty much pull her away…who needs toys!?!?!



Next day…Glass Beach. A pretty neat beach where there is tons of glass washed up on the shore. Supposedly this was way better in the past (a lot more colors), but we found it pretty cool.





One final hike in Hawaii…which I think was everyone’s favorite (and was Denise’s and My favorite last time we were in Kauai). Was the longest hike..and early on it was looking like Alyssa wasn’t going to make it. Here she had just fallen and hurt her knee…wouldn’t normally post this picture but I have to prove that I was with the family.


But Alyssa snapped out of it and enjoyed the rest of the journey. I think the pictures tell the story.

_DSC7171  _DSC7200 _DSC7203 _DSC7205 _DSC7209

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  • Marcy Holden

    I sure enjoyed this trip down memory lane! Your girl look like charmers! And what a great trip you had! Never took my girls on such an amazing adventure, although they are going on some amazing ones now!

  • Grandma

    Great photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!
    Enjoyed reading about all your great adventures!!

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