Halloween 2012

I have to say…picture taking and blogging have really slowed down. I wanted to blog before Halloween but realized we hadn’t taken any pictures. And really, you only want to see pictures…

Alyssa turned 6. You’d think we would have a ton of pictures from Alyssa’s birthday party. Unfortunately Alyssa got really sick. What is even worse is we had planned a big gymnastics party for something like 18 of her friends. We couldn’t cancel the party so all her friends went and played at the gymnastics place, while Alyssa stayed home. Kyla couldn’t even go as she was sick too. We did get some footage of all Alyssa’s friends singing her happy birthday…so she at least got that (while I type this, it makes me sad).

At least the girls were both healthy to enjoy Halloween. At Alyssa’s school, there was a big Halloween dance party that both girls got to enjoy.

Alyssa went out to the dance floor and danced with the rest of the kids…

Kyla stayed near us most of the time near so it was a lot easier to take a few pictures of her.

On Halloween night it became very cold. So the girls didn’t get to dress up as they had hoped to so they decided to choose these costumes. Please don’t ask me what they went as…

And very exciting news…Alyssa lost her very first tooth last week. She was extremely excited about that as it was loose forever. Not sure if you can tell in the picture, but her next tooth is already half way grown out…

I also think Kyla was even more excited that the tooth fairy came!!!



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