Summer 2012

I cannot believe I haven’t posted anything since May, and it is September already. Talk about slacking!!! But to be honest, we haven’t been taking a ton of photo’s. This summer really has been fun with swimming lessons, princess camp and Alyssa did a sports camp. The girls loved all the activities.

Our neighborhood has become what I remember being a kid was all about. Everyday kids come and ring our doorbell to play with Alyssa and Kyla, and off the go, playing outside for hours. We have told the girls not to cross the road, and although the 9 other kids decide to play somewhere else and dart across the road,  Alyssa and Kyla run right to the edge of the lawn and stop and just watch all the kids run away.  A little sad but amazing they actually listed to us and just stand there. As such, most of the kids now have decided to play at our place.  So our front lawn is completely dead and trampled due to 8-11 kids screaming around the yard.

The girls also have become amazing friends. They can disappear by themselves for hours at a time playing in the basement, in one of their rooms or in the backyard. Great to see them getting along so well.

Anyway off to things in the past…

Kyla sometimes comes up with the most amazing conversations…for example:

Alyssa:  “I wish I was in Holland right now”

Kyla: “I wish I was in Heaven right now”

Alyssa: “(pause)…but then…you’d be dead!”

Kyla: “Perplexing, isn’t it?”

Now what 4 year old actually uses the word perplexing, and uses it correctly?!

Another fun example:

Denise: “Kyla stop sucking your thumb”.

Kyla: “Now mom, put yourself in my spot…”


The family took a trip in the spring to K-country. We had a most wonderful time enjoying the great outdoors. Fortunately for us, the water fountain at the hotel was out of order, creating a very close rock climbing park. Probably were not supposed to do this but…the girls had a lot of fun!


The girls often love to put makeup on. One day, they did a makeover to each other. Here Kyla is putting on Alyssa’s makeup.

And the final result…

And here is Alyssa’s handywork, with Kyla’s final result.

Just girls goofing around…

Alyssa did wonderful at her final dance recital. Unfortunately our seats were a million miles away so the pictures don’t do her justice, but she did very well. She was pretty much front and centre the whole dance, and she really knew her routine very well.

And Kyla also did very well at her school year end recital. Very cute and at her favorite parts of the skits, she BELTED out the words really loudly.


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