Snow Day and Mothers Day Tea

Last weekend the girls woke up to snow. Not just a little bit of snow, but a lot of snow!

It was so typical of my reaction…”Snow, I can’t believe it snowed. Man that sucks!”. Of course kids being kids have such a better outlook on life. Their thought: “Snow…best day ever!!!”.

Mommy was out of town and got to miss all the snow, so Daddy took the girls (with Grandma) to a play. The girls got to see The Frog Prince and both girls really enjoyed it and since there was a princess in the story, Kyla loved it! After the play both girls lined up to get autographs and pictures. Of course Kyla only got autographs from the girls (the princesses)  and would only pose with the princess. Alyssa eagerly waited in line for every cast member to give her an autograph, and wanted to pose with everyone. She was the last kid hanging out with the cast.

Today Mommy got to attend Kyla’s school and go for a Mother’s Day tea! First the class put on a show for all the Mom’s.

Then Mommy got served by Kyla.

And of course Kyla made Mommy a wonderful Mother’s day gift.

And Kyla joining mommy for tea.

3 comments to Snow Day and Mothers Day Tea

  • Grandma

    Those are great pictures. Love the ones of the Mother’s Day Tea, Kyla looks so sweet & beautiful in
    her lovely pink dress, looks like a princess!!!

  • Joyce

    What a lovely snow day for your girls! I love Kyla’s dress! I hope all is well w/ you and your beautiful family.

  • Andy Renema

    Great pictures!!!

    We would love to have a print of the one with Kyly holding the tea cup. We can sure tell that the girls are sisters on some of them. Are they starting to look more alike?

    Snow: Grandkids can help us keep the right attitude about those surprizes.
    Tea: It’s great to see the joy on Kyla’s face and to let her teach us to value life’s little pleasures.

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