Trip to France – Final Chapter

Luckily for us, we got to go to the Aix en Provence Carnaval. It was spectacular, and very hard to describe. Basically it was a parade where participants were in a big confetti and silly string fight with the audience. Was the best parade I have ever been to.

Here is what the street looked like before the parade started (we were wandering the parade route).  A lot of the acts walked this same direction as us, putting on shows and performing before the actual start of the parade (kind of like a sneak preview, but really I think they were just having fun and enjoying the day).

As the rest of us settled into a spot on the parade route, Mommy and Alyssa roamed around and Alyssa found a few friends. They let her use their confetti which was very nice of them…

Then Alyssa was using the confetti to throw at Mommy…getting ready to throw

Success…and loving it!!!

Then the parade started. What we quickly learned is that people just walked into the parade and out at any given time. Here Kyla had joined the parade and then running away…

So much fun with confetti…


Can you imagine how long it took to remove all the confetti out of Kyla’s hair?!?!

I found this blog from someone else who was at the Caranval…they got some great shots of the parade itself and the finale which we did not see as we were on the other end of the route. Too bad we didn’t get to see it as that would have been amazing!!! You had me at bonjour.

Before leaving Aix, the girls wanted a picture of them playing in Todd and Jackie’s yard. They loved playing outside in the yard, it was very large, lots of little hiding spots, and went completely around the house so they could run around and around. And of course there were 4 of their best friends to play with as well.

Nearing the end of the trip, we took a 2 day trip over to Majorca, an island just off the coast of Spain. What a fabulous little journey. Day 1 we started off by making our way over to an Ostrich Farm, where the girls got to feed the birds both food and rocks, learn why the birds eat rocks. learn what they eat, how big the eggs are, how the birds communally take care of the nests, etc. etc. The highlight for Denise was she got to find out why some of the birds had lost all their feathers around their butt…if you don’t know the answer ask Denise!!!

Here you see the girls feed the Ostrich’s. Alyssa really enjoyed feeding them, Kyla did until one of the birds nipped her hand (through the glove) and then she was too scared to feed them anymore.

Then Alyssa got to ride an Ostrich. (Alyssa’s Ostrich Ride Video)

I do have to say the people working at the farm were extremely friendly and treated our girls so well. We expected to be at the farm for maybe 30 minutes but in the end we probably were there for two and a half hours.
Then we went off and saw some pretty impressive caves. Again, the guide was extremely friendly and treated our girls really well. Not many pictures turned out in the caves…

Got much better pictures outside the caves!

Then we went to a dinner show called Pirates. Basically it is like a Cirque-du-Soleil show that is very family oriented with a Pirate theme. In some respects, it was better than a Cirque show (espeically for kids) as it was just act, after act, after act and had a lot of audience participation. The girls have stated that this was the best part of the entire European trip! Alyssa dressed up in her pirate head gear.

And the whole family at the dinner (see, I am actually on this trip!!!).

The next day we spent the morning on the resort we were staying at which had a kids club which Alyssa loved (reminded her of her Mexico visit). It was pretty chilly out, so we packed up all our bathing suits in our suitcases as we were getting ready to fly out later in the afternoon, but still headed to the beach. The weather quickly improved significantly while at the beach, I’d even say it was hot. Luckily, the girls just had dresses on that we could tuck in, and they were good to go! After the beach we ate at a little cafe on the board walk, girls enjoying their pasta and mommy and daddy loving their paella!!!

Our last 4 days were spent in the Netherlands. First I have to put a plug in for the rental car company we used. If you are ever flying into Schiphol airport I would strongly suggest using BB&L Car Rental.  Was a good price, free insurance, free GPS, free booster seats. The best part was they meet you with your name on a sign right in the airport. You sign the paperwork and you then walk with them to a car parked curbside. When you return the car, they are waiting for you curbside at departures. Very easy, very convenient, and very friendly.

We spent the first 3 days at a Campground resort. This campgound (called Landal Greenparks) are focused on families. Our particular campground had a wave pool and slides, several playgrounds, petting zoo, bowling alley, indoor play area, a hedge labryinth, you could rent bikes, paddle boats, and 4 restaurants. It was really roughing it!!! The girls loved it, but not many pictures from the campgound itself. The girls however also really really really loved the Dutch breakfasts!!!

Our last day of our vacation was spent in Amsterdam. Here the girls got to ride on a Canal Bus, visit the Rijksmuseum, and walk the streets of Amsterdam, including a brief encounter with the Red Light district. Here we are travelling the canals and enjoying the only day of sunshine that we had in the Netherlands!!!

And so ends the wonderful vacation to France! The girls on the way home didn’t do as well as they did going to France as far as the jet lag was concerned but were amazing on the flight. Took about 4 days to get the girls back on Alberta time  but it took about the same amount of time for Denise to adjust as well (then again, Denise was also up with the girls pretty early as well).

3 comments to Trip to France – Final Chapter

  • willie renema

    Awesome post!! Thanks for sharing–its almost like traveling with you! What a great experience you had! I’m so happy for you guys that were able to do this with your family. I was a little apprehensive when you first told us about you plans for France, thinking that the girls far too young and wondering how much they would enjoy the experience. Obviously, it was a great experience for everyone!
    Love Mom

  • Grandma

    Wow, what a wonderful trip you folks had!!! Loved all the great pictures especially of the parade.
    Couldn’t believe all the confetti but even worse would be trying to clean up all those feathers. (Can you imagine if they had a gust of our Alberta winds)!!!
    Loved the log, it was well documented with such interesting comments about all your adventures!!
    I’m happy your all back home safely!!

  • Irene Sakamoto

    Lovely pictures. The girls had an awesome time. Will they remember all this. Chris I need the blog back. How!!!
    You write some good stories.

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