Trip to France – Part One

The one thing about the trip to France that I had the biggest concerns was how the girls would do on a 9 hour flight, as well as how they would be able to deal with the 8 hour time change. We left Calgary around 3:30 pm and arrived 9 hours later in Amsterdam, had a 55 minute layover, followed by a 2 hour flight to Marseille. From Marseille we hopped on a bus for 25 minutes finally reaching our destination Aix-en-Provence (around 11:30am local time).
Kyla slept about an hour and a half on the first flight, about an hour on the second flight, and most of the bus ride (for a total of about 3 hours). Meanwhile Alyssa did not sleep at all on the first flight, most of the second flight and some of the bus ride for maybe 2 hours sleep. Once we arrived in Aix, the girls immediately saw Todd, Jackie, Jacob, Josh, Nathan and Noah all waiting there with baguette’s in hand. The girls were so excited they ran off the bus and played with the boys all night long. They didn’t get to bed until around 8:00. They basically were on Aix time the very next day!!!

The first few days were spent just getting adjusted to life in France and living the boys lifestyle (walking to school, walking to markets, walking to bakeries, walking to café’s).

Our first road trip we went to the town of Bonnieux and hiked up 86 stairs to the quaint little church at the top.

Was quite the view when we finally got to the top, even Kyla seemed to appreciate it.

At the back of the church, there was a little park like area where all the kids got to run around and play. Looks like they all missed each other and were happy to all be together.

Then it was off to Rousillon where we had a wonderful lunch at a wondeful café. What made it more wonderful was that all the kids ran off to play in the little courtyard beside the restaurant. The older kids played soccer with a few Spanish and French kids, younger ones just played with each other…

This is what the parents thought of having a nice quiet lunch while the kids played!

Then it was off to the Sentier Des Ocres, which is a wonderful red clay hike.

By the time we got home, Kyla was exhausted and used Jacob as a pillow for most of the drive home.

The next road trip we went to Avignon to visit the Palais des Papes. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves looking through the “castle” and pretending to be princesses.

The girls really liked all the gargoyles, especially this one. They really thought this one was funny looking and I was instructed to take a picture of it.

In the gift shop, Alyssa showed that she can make a great knight!!!

And Kyla was very intrigued by the living statues outside the castle. She eventually walked up and gave this one a tip.

After the castle we walked over the remaining portion of the bridge (which doesn’t go all the way across the river). I think the kids were starting to get a bit goofy at this point!

For lunch we ate at another café, but Kyla decided she liked sitting under the sign more than at the table. She must have been under this sign for at least 15 minutes.

At the end of our visit to Avignon, Kyla found a carousel. Kyla loves carousel’s!!! Guess who got to ride the carousel!

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