Nuevo Vallarta – Jan 2012


The girls headed down to Nuevo Vallarta in January for a Renema Family trip. Oma and Opa, Auntie Dianne and Uncle Don, Courtney and Mark were all there and it ended up being one fabulous trip. About 3 days into the trip I asked the girls what they liked better, Disneyworld or Mexico. Both girls resoundly answered: “MEXICO!!!”.  Here is the whole crew in Mexcio.


The resort we stayed at, Vallarta Palace, ended up being a great resort to stay at as we not only had all inclusive, but a promotional deal of $1500 of resort credit. This allowed us to do a lot more then we would have which included:

  • Alyssa and Kyla both getting their hair braided
  • Mommy getting a pedicure and a hour long massage
  • Alyssa and Mommy both getting their toenails painted
  • Daddy getting in a round of golf
  • The whole family doing a channel cruise
  • Mommy and Daddy doing a romantic dinner on the beach
  • Mommy and Daddy going on a Sunset Cruise
  • Daddy doing a zip line tour

FUN FUN FUN….er….mostly. Except for maybe the channel tour.

Here the girls are at the beginning of the trip

Here they are about 15 minutes later!

But Alyssa loved the spa, here she is getting her nails done!

Alyssa also really loved the pool. Odd thing is, we have no pictures of her in the pool. The reason is that she also really loved Kids Club. She’d spend hours and hours in kids club and end up in the pool for a short time in the late afternoon (and after the camera was put away). In Kids club, the girls got to paint ceramic piggy banks (I think we have 6 on our counter right now), made ceramic pinata’s, and many other crafts as well. I think Alyssa really missed going to school so Kids Club filled that void…one day she spent 4 hours there. At the end of many days at the club, the kids got to go feed the fish in the pond at the entrance of our resort.

But since Kyla wasn’t in Kids Club as much…we did get some pictures of Kyla in the pool.

Here she is with Mommy.

Kyla almost immediately felt quite comfortable in the pool. When we were in Florida last time, even with her life jacket on she tended to be quite clingy. Here she is I believe on day #2, showing both her back and front stroke!

The girls of course loved the all-inclusive part. Especially the all inclusive Pizza and Ice Cream. I’ve never seen Kyla eat so pizza…she’d even ate a whole pizza or even more on a couple of occasions. The pizza was really good, right out of the pool side wood burning oven! YUM. Here is Kyla with one of her daily ice cream treats.

Of course, when on the beach, you have to get the sunset shots!!!


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