Ballet Show – December 2011

The girls have both been in Ballet this year for the first time. Just the way the class times worked out, they are in different schools but luckily both are basically a few blocks from our house. Alyssa loves going to Ballet although she rarely tells us anything about the class or shows us anything she has learned, while Kyla mostly likes going to Ballet but every now and then its a battle to get her excited to go. However, Kyla will talk about the class and explain to us what she has learned.

But, that is the personality and age difference between the two girls, Alyssa really doesn’t like to talk about anything she has done (school, classes, playing with friends, etc), while Kyla enjoys telling us about everything…although lately she is starting to respond with Alyssa-like answers (such as “I don’t remember”, “I don’t want to talk about it”, “I don’t know”).

However, we got to experience both girls classes in December as both schools put on a little show for the parents.

First was Kyla, where we really got to see her personality shine through. She often did her own little performance often. For example, there is one time the girls had to stand on one leg…but Kyla had to put more into it and would pretend she was off balance and yell out “whoa, whoa, whoa” and tip from side to side and eventually fall over, jump up, and do it all over again. Here are a few pictures of the class.

And after the class, Alyssa showed Kyla her approval!

Then it was Alyssa’s turn. Just watching Alyssa’s face during class you can tell that she really enjoys ballet a lot. Again, her personality was fully evident during class trying to get everything right (and get approval from either us or the teachers), and needing to be the first to do everything. Here are her pictures from class.


1 comment to Ballet Show – December 2011

  • willie renema

    The ballet pics are awesome and what you say about Alyssa and Kyla’s personalities shining through sure shows in the pictures. Our favourite: Alyssa showing her approval for Kyla!

    Andy and Willie

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