A Disney Christmas 2011

In December, the girls had a nice surprise by getting to visit their good friends Jacob, Josh, Nathan and Noah in Florida. They were very excited to go see them, almost more excited then hearing we were going to see Disneyworld.

The girls remembered quite a bit this trip, all the way from the “Mermaid” and “Wizard” gift shops they always looked for as we drove home from the park, to having a mini-van (and wanting one this trip which we didn’t book), to the parks themselves. Kyla really remember every single ride from last time and refused to go on ones she thought were too “scary”. It was somewhat too bad as she ended up missing out on some rides as Alyssa went on without her. Alyssa also was very adventurous by going on any ride she was big enough for (which was most).

Kyla really loved hugging all the characters (just like before) but if I didn’t say anything she would have just stayed and hugged each character all day long I think. See what I mean…



However, I think the way to stop getting you to hug her is to pass a little gas…or at least that is what I am reading from Kyla’s facial expression (might have to make the picture bigger to see what I mean).

As Kyla was waiting for each character to hug, she was being somewhat energetic and running around. She ran to some hand railing and started to hang upside down trying to burn off some energy. This just ended up being a very cute picture.

Here Kyla found a leaf..again…just made a cute picture.

Here the girls are posing with Aurora and Bambi…

And here Alyssa gets to pose with the Heuver Boys.

As I said, Alyssa loved all the “big kid” rides. Here, Alyssa and lucky Mommy got to go on the Kali River Rapids (Daddy got to stay nice and dry!!!)….it looks like Alyssa got the big wave on her side of the boat!

Not that this is a great picture but Alyssa really, really, really wanted to pose with the Incredibles, so Daddy waited in line with her for probably 25 minutes.  When we got to the front she absolutely refused to have Frozone in the picture…in the end she did, but this picture almost never happened…

But she has no problems putting her head in a dinosaur mouth!

And Alyssa with the boys hunting for more dinosaur bones.


The girls got to go to the beach for the first time in Florida. Alyssa loved the ocean and the waves, Kyla much preferred the sand but adventured out into the water for quite awhile.

And the girls got to do another princess breakfast.


It was Christmas so of course we had a special visitor at the house. We got to have a Christmas dinner with the Heuver’s which was fabulous!

And finally…the pool…what a difference a year makes. Kyla now will swim around by herself, and Alyssa loves swimming with just water wings (although she did try once or twice with no flotation devices). The first picture almost looks like Alyssa is teaching Kyla how to swim.


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