Alyssa’s 5th Birthday, Halloween and Winter

  A few weeks ago, we were in Edmonton to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday with Denise’s family. While we were there, we went to the park to play. While we were there a little boy walked up to Alyssa and had the following conversation:

Boy: “Hi, I’m Dutch”

Alyssa: “I am too”

Boy: “But I don’t speak Dutch”

Alyssa: “Neither do I, but I am also half Japanese”

Boy: “I can speak French”

Alyssa: “So can I, I go to French Immersion”

Boy: “So do I. Let’s play”

Alyssa: “OK”

Both girls are still really enjoying their school and their dance classes. Alyssa asks almost every day on the weekend: “Do I get to go to school today?!” Hopefully that continues on for a few years. Kyla is just one of those personalities that is happy to do anything. School…yay. Dance…yay. Mall…yay.

Kyla, who was one of the least shy girls until a few months ago and now she plays shy all the time. I think she got attention for playing shy so now she acts that way, but always comes around after a few minutes or so. Its also too bad as her Eczema had really cleared up but in the last little while its come back quite badly and she’s back to being itchy (and bloody) all the time.

Anyway, Alyssa turned 5 in October and she loved having birthday parties! Here she is, very excited to have happy birthday sung to her for the first time this year!


And then she had 6 of her friends over for a party. Here they are making funny faces (too much sugar maybe?!).


It actually was a pretty fun party and the kids played all very well together. There were even times during the party where Denise and I had time to ourselves as the girls were all playing so nicely together. Amazing. Here Alyssa was SO excited to see her presents that she just jumped up and started dancing around.


And then hugged one of her friends for a thank you.


Now on to Halloween. Both girls got to dress up several times for Halloween. At dance class (Alyssa was a Bride, Kyla was a princess), at school (Kyla was a princess and Alyssa was Nemo) and for Trick or Treating (Kyla was a kitty, Alyssa was a Zebra).

And finally, the first day of snow happened today, and the girls were really excited to go and play. Again, hopefully that lasts for awhile as I’m sure there will be plenty of chances in the next 6 months.

2 comments to Alyssa’s 5th Birthday, Halloween and Winter

  • Grandma

    What great pictures!! Especially enjoyed the birthday ones since I missed Alyssa’s birthday this year. Looks like they are all having fun & (from your comment on your blog,including Mom & Dad)!!!
    They sure look cute in their Halloween costumes.

    Love: Grandma

  • I agree with Grandma–great pictures, and so sad we missed the big 5 birthday! Missing you girls (and Mom and Dad too!) like crazy! Can’t believe how much you have grown it just a few months!

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