First few weeks of school…

The first few weeks of school have gone pretty well. Kyla just loves going to school, but I guess being the 2nd kid makes it easier. I remember Alyssa crying a few times when she was about to be dropped off, and then mentioning she didn’t want to go at all during those first few weeks. Kyla just basically runs into class, right from day one. The pre-school teacher mentioned that there are quite a few 2nd kids in the class and it already feels a lot like its mid-year with how well adjusted the kids are.

Here is Kyla on day one, about 10 seconds after they allowed the kids to go in (after the parent orientation session). As soon as she was allowed to go into the class she took off and started playing, not even a bye or anything for mom and dad.

Ballet for the girls are going very well. Kyla actually ended up having issues with her second class not wanting to go (she was very tired) and ended up not going.  However, she now has no issues in going and looks forward to it every week. She comes home and shows us her moves. Alyssa also really enjoys her ballet class but we don’t get to see her moves as much as she “forgets” everything as soon as she is out of her class. No pictures for you as the classes themselves are unparented, so hopefully we’ll get some at one of the shows near Christmas time.

A couple of weekends ago, Opa and Oma came for a visit. We didn’t know it, but Opa now has a new occupation. He is a tattoo artist!



This weekend we ended up taking the girls bowling for the first time. Unfortunately we had to wait a really long time to get on a lane, and when we did, Kyla was so tired she ended up only playing one frame. Alyssa, on the other hand loved it. She even beat Daddy (but that isn’t very hard to do). Here you can see her getting ready to throw (and only has two pins left as you can see in the background).


And here she is about to ger her spare…although by the time the ball reached the pins she had stopped watching…(also, ignore the foul light, she didn’t know there is a foul line).


So things in general have changed quite a lot since the Heuver’s left Calgary. For those that don’t know them, they have decided to move to France for a year, just for the experience. With 4 boys in tow, off they went. For a great read, Jackie is posting their adventure which is located here: But since they have left, that leaves a lot of spontaneous dinners, weekend trips, etc. open. So without the Hevuer’s in town, the Boyer’s are taking up the role.

Last week, Denise and the girls went with Sarah, Liam, and Mia to the zoo. Liam sure acted as the big brother…here he is holding the girls back, making sure they don’t get too close to the peacock.

And Liam and Alyssa being pals.

And playing with Kyla.


And the girls posing on the art work…

This weekend, the Boyer and Sakamoto family went to the Calgary Corn Maze and all had a great time.

Here are the girls selecting out their pumpkins. Alyssa grabbed a nice one

Kyla wanted a bigger one…

But settled on this one…


Seriously, Kyla has no fear at times. She tried really heard to climb up the pumpkin haystack and begged me to help her. So I did and took this picture. She said to me, OK, I’m coming down and just started to jump off. She swung one leg over and started to slide down when she realized just how high it was and just barely grabbed the top and held on! That gave me enough time to run over and grab her. OK, no fear or no sense of danger.

Kyla just loved the bouncing pillow…when the bigger kids were on, she sometimes liked it more (until she got hurt). But after a few seconds, she was back at it.

Alyssa had a really good time. But when we got home she said to us that it was not very fun…she said she had way more fun bowling. REALLY?!?! Probably because she beat daddy.

Anyway, here are some more random shots from our day at the maze.



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