First day of Kindergarten, First day of Dance

So this week was Alyssa’s first day of Kindergarten and she was very excited to go. After the first day she was extremely tired and just wanted to go home. We really didn’t get to hear very much about what happened at all. After the second day she was a lot more talkative and even told Denise a few French words she had learned (such as bonjour mes amis). Alyssa was enrolled with one of her friends from pre-school (Gracie) but it ended up the class was overbooked. So Gracie ended up in the morning class, which was a bit disappointing. However, it ends up that they will still get to see each other on occasion  after school, as Gracie will be back to pick up her older sister.

Here, Alyssa and Kyla are getting ready to get into the car to go to Alyssa’s first day.


And Alyssa posing around the school playground. She must think she is a movie star or a model…

And then being greeted by her teacher (Miss Simmons).


After Alyssa got dropped off, Kyla got to play in Alyssa’s school park…I think she will like taking Alyssa to school! (The next day, Kyla told me that she played at the park and met a friend there as well).

Right after Alyssa’s first day of class, it was Kyla’s first day of ballet.  Kyla, who hates having anything in her hair or even letting us comb it, has to have her hair up. At a minimum, it cannot be in her face so Denise did her best with Kyla fighting it. In the end…too cute!!!

And I think Kyla likes it too…


Here Kyla is with her class. There are only 4 children in her class…that should be great!


When Kyla left class (30 minutes), she still had all her hair bands in. As soon as she saw mommy, she ran to her and pulled out all her hair bands all at once!

Right after Kyla’s first day of ballet, it was Alyssa’s first day of dance class (Ballet and Jazz). The way the time works out, we actually had to enroll the girls in two different dance studio’s. Talk about a lot of running around for Denise on Wednesday’s!!!

Here is Alyssa in her dance outfit and her hair all done up.

And Alyssa with her class. There are probably 20 girls in Alyssa’s class! The good thing though is that there are 4 friends enrolled in the class from pre-school that we didn’t even know were going to be there. Here she is in her first dance class.

3 comments to First day of Kindergarten, First day of Dance

  • Jackie

    Looks like you had a fun week! Tres bien! Alyssa, what is your favourite thing about school? Kyla, what was your favourite thing about dance? I really liked your tutu!!

  • Chris Sakamoto

    Kyla says: “I liked making a circle” (The girls all held hands and formed a circle, then they came together and pulled apart).

    Alyssa says: “There are a lot of toys there, and I like the toys. And…um…there’s snack time”
    Daddy: “Oh, so you like the toys and snack time”.
    Alyssa: “No, I only liked the toys”

  • Grandma

    I love the pictures of the girls in their tutu’s with their hair all done up, so cute!!!
    This is such a fun time, enjoy!!!!

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