The end of summer…

 Overall, the family had a great summer, didn’t go on any big trips but the weather was actually really good this year in Alberta so might as well enjoy it while we can!!!

A couple of weeks ago, the girls wanted to go show showhome shopping and when we arrived there, a big Stampeders party was happening (Daddy was happy). Alyssa was really interested in watching the cheerleaders dance, and went over and sat with them when they took a break. A couple of them were really good with her and talked to her, and eventually put on some black eye stickers. When she came back to us, she was pretty happy.


We ended up getting some for Kyla which lasted only about 1 minute, she was much more interested in the free brownies!!!

Craft time! This particular day, the girls decided that painting their thumbs was a much more fun thing to do…

One day, daddy got home from work and put on some music. Kyla really wanted to dance, especially since she was wearing her brand new new favorite dress…

…when Alyssa came down and wanted to cut in. Daddy explained to her that he used to dance with her when she was a newborn to get her to sleep. She really wanted to  experience that again….although she is smiling here, she got bored pretty quick (guess she’s not a baby anymore) and for Daddy…he was happy she got bored because it wasn’t so easy anymore.

Alyssa now likes to blow up balloons and letting it whoosh out into her face.


And Kyla sometimes likes being a puppy.

 And as always, the girls love to play in the backyard…and Kyla is always such a good sport about getting wet (with ice cold water).

The girls are enrolled in dance classa for the upcoming year and really excited. When Denise got their new dance outfits, the girls were so excited to try them on. In fact, Kyla wore hers for the entire day.


However, Kyla hates the paparazzi…

And finally, all I can say is that I didn’t think I had to worry about my daughter showing too much clevage for many more years!!!

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