A day on the river

Last weekend the girls were at Costco, and when we first entered, the girls stopped and were glued to the big screen TV screen (I guess our 50″ TV is just too small). While they were watching, the show switched to base jumping (jumping off of a bridge/cliff/building with a parachute). As the guy leaped off the cliff, Kyla yelled out: “Goodbye Cruel World…”

Later on that day, we dropped by Sheep River and played for a few hours. The girls loved it. Here are just a few picks that I got on my phone.

First, the girls just splashed around and climbed a few logs.

And the girls wanted to catch a bunch of minnows. Kyla tried very hard with her net…didn’t ever catch any but was really good at snagging branches and she must have caught 30 rocks. Didn’t really matter to her as she was able to catch something.


Alyssa really wanted to catch fish, and the net was too difficut, so she thought it would be much easier to troll with a pail. In the end, Daddy caught a few so the girls could see them swim in their pails.  

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