Summer Fun

We have been growing out Kyla’s hair a bit, and now she is able to grab a strand and pull it into her mouth. This evening after supper, Kyla was putting the strand into her mouth  and Mommy said to her: “If you don’t stop that, I am going to cut it off”.  Alyssa looked up with a horrified expression…as she pulled her thumb out of her mouth and asked wide-eyed “you’re going to cut off my thumb?!?!?!”.

The girls have been having a pretty good summer. First, they got to go geocaching with Rob, Steph, Caitlin and Jenaya. Kyla found a stick (as you can see veryone else actually looking for the treasure in the background.


Here Alyssa poses with her cousins with all the loot they found!


The girls got a brand new wading pool and its a good thing as it has been pretty warm finally. Here the girls show just how much fun they can have playing in the backyard.


The girls also got to go to Noah’s Pirate Birthday Party, and here Kyla shows off her bread sword fighting skills. 


At the party, a face painter was there…


The girls got to attend two weddings, cousins on both sides of the family. Here the girls show just how good they can be during the ceremony!


And here is Alyssa dancing with her cousin Owen, and Kyla doing an awesome bird dance!

Finally, the girls were in a week long dance classs. This was the first day, on the way to class.


Kyla did well for the first hour and a half of the class. However, every day of class, the last 30 minutes Kyla basically lied on the floor and cried. So unfortunately on the last day, when the girls did their final show, Kyla did not perform. Here is one shot of Alyssa during the final performance.

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