Alyssa’s Last Day of Preschool

   So Kyla’s latest saying goes as follows:

  • The pee is the drink
  • The poop is the food
  • And the flush is it swallowing!

The other night, Alyssa woke up from a nightmare. I went into her room to find out why she was so upset and the coversation was as follows (this was at about 2:00am).

  • Daddy: “Alyssa, what’s wrong”
  • Alyssa: “I ate the blankie”
  • Daddy: “You ate the blankie?”
  • Alyssa (getting more hysterical): “Yaaaah”
  • Daddy: “Um, what blankie?”
  • Alyssa (getting more upset): “The white fluffy one”
  • Daddy: “The really big fluffy blankie in the TV room?”
  • Alyssa (getting even more upset): “Yaaah”
  • Daddy goes and gets blankie from TV room: “This one”
  • Alyssa (completely confused): “Um, yeah”
  • Alyssa crawls under her covers and goes back to sleep.

Anyway, before I get to the pictures from Alyssa’s pre-school year end concert, here are some around the house.

Here Kyla decided to dress up in Daddy’s T-shirt and slippers. Fits her quite well!

And Alyssa decided to dress up in Mommy’s shirt, which she finds quite humerous.

Alyssa and Kyla making their grumpy faces.


Kyla displaying her typical, happy, smiley self.


And Alyssa is getting quite good at putting on make-up (at 4 years old!!!).


And Alyssa’s last day of pre-school was last week and here she is performing at the year end show. Here she sees daddy and is waving…but is the boy next to her flipping me the bird?


Some pictures of Alyssa performing.

And Kyla showing her full interest in watching the show…by playing (er, I mean climbing) the toy kitchen.


And finally Alyssa with her teacher Ms. Newman.

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