Face Painting

This weekend, we took the girls to the new farmers market. We were just about ready to leave when Alyssa really wanted to get her face painted…so we got her face painted. Here she is during and after the face painting.

This lasted maybe 2 minutes before the sparkles and make-up around her eyes drove her nuts and Denise had to wipe off the make-up (around her eyes). When we got home the rest of the makeup had to come off.

Of course, once Kyla saw Alyssa get her face painted, she had to get her face painted. She was really good in the chair and laughed and laughed as she thought the makeup tickled. Once the girl moved to her lips, all Kyla did was make kissy faces for the rest of the time…even if her lips weren’t getting painted. It was so funny.

The final result…both normal and with the kissy face (which she continued to do for hours).


Kyla kept her makeup on all night, but Denise was smarter and asked the girl not to put any makeup on around Kyla’s eyes!

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