Trip to Panorama

Who needs a lifejacket?

Last weekend, the girls took a trip with Jared, Stephanie, Dylan, and Logan, as well as Pete to Panorama for a golf trip (Pete, Jared and Daddy golf trip). Panorama actually had some fun family things to do for the moms and kids. They got to build Panobuddies (same as build a bear except the . . . → Read More: Trip to Panorama

Stampede 2010


I have been looking over a lot of the pictures that I haven’t posted and is there ever a lot to catch up on. So over the next little while, if I have nothing to post, I will go back in the past and try to catch up on things that I missed . . . → Read More: Stampede 2010

Welcome to the new Sakamoto Sisters Blog!

Playing at sunset

As the girls grow, the blog needs to grow. This is the new blog site for the Sakamoto Sisters!!! Hope you like it and hopefully I can post more often then I have with the old site. The blog will be changing over the next few months as I figure out the new software.

. . . → Read More: Welcome to the new Sakamoto Sisters Blog!


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