Alyssa’s 5th Birthday, Halloween and Winter


A few weeks ago, we were in Edmonton to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday with Denise’s family. While we were there, we went to the park to play. While we were there a little boy walked up to Alyssa and had the following conversation:

Boy: “Hi, I’m Dutch”

Alyssa: “I am too”

Boy: “But I don’t . . . → Read More: Alyssa’s 5th Birthday, Halloween and Winter

Kyla’s Third Birthday


Alyssa for the last couple of month is now dressing herself, or at least asking (or demanding) the clothes she wears. Often she chooses well, but many times the clothes she decides to wear makes Mom cringe (and Daddy just thinks its cute). She also now asks to do her hair in pony tails, with . . . → Read More: Kyla’s Third Birthday

Christmas 2010


So awhile ago, we had Activia yogurt in our house and both girls tried it, and liked it. However, their digestive system didn’t and they reacted to the yogurt fairly “explosively”. So we haven’t bought or served them any since then…

OK, OK, its been far too long since my last post, especially when I . . . → Read More: Christmas 2010

Pre-Birthday Party and Pre-Thanksgiving


So, most mornings the girls wake up at fairly different times. But what the get to do is snuggle with Mom for a little while (and mom sometimes gets a few extra minutes of sleep). But what is always nice about the morning is the girls are usually very cute and fun. Here they are . . . → Read More: Pre-Birthday Party and Pre-Thanksgiving


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